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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  March 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> a shooting spree threat. how authorities broke up the potential plot. >> concern for retaliation after a road u.s. soldier went on a shooting spree in afghanistan. >> the push for a two-man race and gave republican presidential campaign. another petal day for the white house hopeful. >> we are going dancing. good morning washington continues right now. live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> it is monday morning march 12. it is shaping up to be a fantastic week on the weather front. thank you for waking up early. >> send a has the week off. we will have a check on the forecast we will start on 270.
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southbound traffic looks on and covered with problems. we're just starting to wake in getting into montgomery county. the will take you live across the american legion bridge. it is rolling very nicely. we will give the travel times in your favor. it is also on 95. no problems reported through the district. >> get ready for unseasonably warm temperatures. let's take a look at our numbers. 36 in washington. 40 in the district. the wide ranging temperatures. these are some of the cooler exceptions for the most part. we're going to kickstart the new area.
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it to be overcast later on this afternoon. it is about 68 for the high temperature. some areas of light rain. >> thank you so much. the university of maryland student is seeking help for a psychiatric evaluation after threatening a shooting rampage on the college park campus. >> they broke up a potential plot after the 1912 student posted details online. >> where live on the campus with details and reaction from students. >> good morning. the sophomore was arrested on campus here yesterday. he's undergoing that mental evaluation. police say they did not find any weapon. they have reason to believe this was a serious threat. >> the department of public works safety officials say 19 year old student alexander song posted a number of turning on my
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messages. they contacted the police immediately. >> it is terrifying. and did not think this is alter is safe. i do not think of anybody getting shot or there being any mass shooting appeared >> he wrote "i will be on a shooting rampage on campus. all flee i will kill enough people to make international news instead away from the mall. >> it is a scary thought there are lots of other students. >> they are grateful authorities acted quickly. >> i never thought they would be public. >> he is no longer allowed on campus. his status as a student has been finished. >> school officials say they never issued a campus wide alert
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appeared he is charged with a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge. more charges are pending this morning. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> the taliban about revenge for the death of 16 afghan civilians. in the meantime, the military is investigating the massacre. the pentagon says a road u.s. soldier killed 16 people including women and children during an unprovoked shooting spree. we're live in the newsroom of the disturbing details it could have on the military's mission. >> there is concern over retaliation. we're hearing the taliban is vowing revenge after a soldier went on the shooting spree killing more than one dozen civilians. investigators are said to be interrogating shooter. a 30 year-old sergeant was serving his fourth deployment overseas. according to reports, it they say the father was assigned to a special operations unit of green
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berets are navy seals and gaped in a civility operation. the staff sergeant was carrying an automatic weapon and left his face, went to a nearby village and shot the victims at random. he killed nine children and three women. president obama is calling this "tragic and shocking." obama iskarzai is saying this is an assassination that cannot be forgiven appeared >> this was an individual acting alone. we also have the suspect in custody. >> the reports of a soldier turning himself in. the investigation is ongoing. allied troops are said to be afghanistan by 200014.
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>> thank you. the state will begin to defend itself and the wrongful death lawsuit of virginia tech. the parents of two students claim this cold delayed issuing a alert. he killed 32 people before killing himself. >> the man accused of sending threatening letters will be arraigned today in portland oregon purity was arrested on friday near portland. more than 100 letters were sent to members of congress containing non-toxic letters. now to the race for the white house. they will spend the day searching for last-minute voters. alabama and mississippi hold their primaries tomorrow. the also hold caucuses and hawaii. rick santorum hopes to build on his victory.
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he also hopes newt gingrich will go to the head-to-head battle. >> i think the better opportunity to make sure we nominate a conservative as to give us a chance to go head-to- head with governor romney. health plan that will occur sooner rather than later. >> is not a very strong front- runner. now all conservatives are opposed to appeared quite some dealers think he will then alabama and mississippi. some say that if romney wins, the nominating process could be over. >> that want to be your pencils sharp bends. it is about to begin. they released the dance brackets last night. kentucky, north carolina and michigan state. georgetown is strong in number three seats. virginia is in as a 10 seats.
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loyola comes in at 815. the action steps off with the person playing games tomorrow. fans are really excited. >> it is eight minutes past 5:00. dimeters to shine. >> still ahead, a busy weekend for the washington redskins. and look back at what he may have missed. >> just a little trade. >> and oprah is close of. her highlights from whitney houston's daughter.
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>> monday morning, adam caskey is here in the furniture weather center. let's jump right into our temperatures to kickstart hour work week. 46 and the district. 39 degrees in cumberland. that is one of the covert exceptions. 46 degrees in lexington park. for the most part, we will be in the 40's to start our day. there will be some increase in clouds. it is overcast by this afternoon. if you spot the showers here and
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there while we are sleeping. temperatures jiving. slight chance of a thunderstorm. >> thank you some much. whitney houston's doctors speaking out as the first time since their mother's death. >> i can hear her voice. i can hear her telling me to keep moving. i am right here. i got you. >> she told oprah winfrey show is doing as good as she possibly can. she described her mother as her everything. she says she plans to get into singing and dancing. whitney houston died february 11 at a beverly hills hotel. >> right now does of minutes past the hour. temperatures are 48 degrees. >> springlike weather. >> supply and demand.
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>> this is the morning washington on your side. >> it was one year ago yesterday that seems like this appeared on our television sets. a massive earthquake in tsunami hit the northeastern part of the country. japan is still struggling. >> it is still tough to see that video. there is a moment of silence exact moment it struck. people pause to remember the 19,000 people dead or missing. it also caused a nuclear crisis. >> closer to home, sunday marked
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one year since the peseta -- bethseda woman was found dead appeared here co-worker was eventually convicted of the attack. an arrangement with the letter "j" was placed in the window. >> investigators are searching for the cause of a fire that damaged a south east washington home. the flames broke out overnights. firefighters were able to quickly put out the blaze. there are no reports of any injuries. d.c. police are looking for the gunmen opened fire inside of a northwest bytopihop. it may have stemmed from an argument appeared the victim is in critical condition. >> it suspended are there.
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he had intimidating behavior for staff members. in february he made headlines. his are the apologized for his actions. >> around the region, the council will hold a public hearing on a bill that would require residents report cases of child sex abuse. they would have reported to either police, 9/11 r chatham family services. criminal penalties of thewill be establishing four failures report. >> they will focus some funding problems. there of a public hearing on face to appeared topics will include the cost and physical
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layout of the stations. >> demand for the new ipad outpaces supply. it is amazing what you can find out on facebook. we have these stories and more. >> the new ipad still out. the demand has been off the charts. the canalhe can no longer order one. retailers are rethinking their e-mails strategies. many believe that less is more. last year the top 100 retailers spent an average of 157 messages to each company. excessive e-mails can be just a tad annoying. facebook can give you in trouble. they suggested to a woman that she may know another one in using facebook. she also recognize the man in
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the biting pictures. he is now facing bigamy charges. >> week at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> it is a smooth transition. in case you're going to head the east out of gainesville to get into manassas, no problems on the green way or the toll roads. 66 inside the beltway. new issues to report. good on 395 between the 14th street bridge and the beltway. george washington parkway breaks loose. this is heading to nih. headlights are going southbound. this looks good. back inside. >> adam with our award winning forecast. >> it is springlike. it looks like we will get into an extended weather pattern.
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it could be even less than the next week. >> we're turning the page. >> at least for now. >> sometimes a broken come back with a vengeance. >> it can come back around and swing and hit us again with the colder temperatures. we will see how it pans out. just prepare for it. 46 degrees in washington. 10 degrees cooler in manassas at 36. we have three few 30's out there. 51 degrees to kickstart your new work week. partly cloudy conditions. cloudiness ahead. increase clouds moving in from the west. it is a well defined upper level pressure. it is associated with us here. it is my dad in the nation's heartland. the energy will peel off a move toward washington. there are just a few areas of
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light rain. a 10th of an inch is what we are expecting. there is is leaning edge of light rain. it goes off and on areas of light rain. by tomorrow afternoon this is a sign of our weather pattern appeared by tomorrow afternoon we cannot rule out a few thunderstorms. adobe later in the day tomorrow. 67 this afternoon becoming mostly cloudy. then a fair amount of sunshine. upper 70's on thursday. >> we're going to shift our focus to sports. a lot of fans are talking about it. we will talk about after the break. >> there on a good run. did they make any grounded? >> accusing you
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>> that has been a wild weekend for washington redskin fans. they traded up to become the second pick up the draft. if the blockbuster deal is not enough, it is certainly not done. a high low ranking official as telling abc 7 that they're working on another deal that could be finalized in the next day or two. reports surfaced that the redskins have agreed to part ways. a lot going on with the redskins. as far as other dealings, they continue to visit team spirit a few over the weekend including arizona.
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they're visiting with officials from arizona and denver. miami considered to be in the running for these services. he is expected to decide where he will place some time this week. >> the capitals are on the many winning streak. >> the passes coming. >> it is the third game and a row. they are now four points clear of winnipeg. the panthers still lose the division by a point. >> the news continues with a morning washington at 5:30. >> gas prices are on the way up once again. >> has a mass shooting been spoiled? a live report a straight ahead. >> looks like a springlike weather pattern will be dominating our weather.
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>> i don't think this campus is ultra safe, but i never think of anybody getting shot. >> traded, college park in the cross hairs. college students react to the campus threat from a classmate of. >> and a massacre in afghanistan. if a road u.s. soldier went on a shooting spree. --a rogue u.s. soldier. good morning, i am pamela brown. >> i am steve chenevey. cynne simpson has the week off. >> i will feel the pressure and
5:30 am
look at 66, 95, 395, but the complicated across the wilson bridge to the american legion bridge either. baltimore-washington parkway there's a collision northbound 450, a victim of a hit-and-run accident in the left lane. they need tow trucks for this. this is northbound on the parkway. nothing complicated across the american legion bridge. moving nicely on 270 between father hurley boulevard and the beltway. >> temperatures are mild this week. get ready for 60s today, but 70's for the majority of the week and into next week. in frederick, 36. culpeper, 39. 46 in lexington park par. a cloudy today. increasing clouds. areas of rain this evening but
5:31 am
especially tonight around and after bedtime. tomorrow we could have isolated thunderstorms. a springlike weather pattern. 68 today. 76 tomorrow. get used to it. >> not a problem. university of maryland student under evaluation after threatening to carry out a mass shooting on campus. >> 19-year-old alexander song posted the threatening messages. john gonzalez is live on campus with how police broke up the plot. >> after a number of tips, the sophomore was detained and arrested inside the dormitory on campus yesterday. the is undergoing a mental evaluation. police did not find any weapons on him or inside his dorm, but they have reason to believe this was a serious threat. the 19-year-old posted a number of threatening online messages on saturday night, disturbing enough for readers to contact
5:32 am
police immediately. he wrote that he was going to be part of a shooting rampage on campus and stated that he wants to be on the national news and the shooting spree would only end when police killed him. the young man was detained so quickly yesterday morning that school officials never issued a campus wide alert. song is charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct but more charges are pending. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. authorities are still searching for motive after a u.s. soldier allegedly went on a shooting spree in southern afghanistan. investigators say that the left the base and killed 16 people in two villages. brianne carter is live in the newsroom with how the white house and the military are responding to this potential international crisis. >> good morning. the u.s. embassy this morning is warning american citizens about the possibility of retaliation.
5:33 am
u.s.-led forces are stepping up security as the taliban vows revenge for the shooting. rising tensions between the united states and afghanistan this morning after an american soldier allegedly went on a shooting rampage, killing more than a dozen civilians. >> i cannot think of anybody in the world killing 16 civilians including children is ok anywhere in the world. much less when we are wearing american flag and that uniform. >> investigators are interrogating the alleged shooter, a 38-year-old sergeant from fort lewis washington, serving as for the deployment overseas. the army staff sgt apparently carrying and automatic weapon and a pistol left his days and went to a nearby village and shot the victims at random, then down at least 16 including nine children and three women. >> definitively, this was an individual acting alone and not
5:34 am
with authority. we also have the individual, the suspect, in u.s. custody. >> president obama called afghan president karzai to offer condolences. in a statement he said, "this incident is tragic and shocking and those not represent the exceptional character of our military can and the respect of the united states has for the people of afghanistan." the shootings, one month after u.s. personnel were seen burning korans. some say these two incidents are evidence of a setback between the two countries. most americans would like what drawithdrawal from afghanistan. >> the state will begin in presenting it to phase in a wrongful death lawsuit against virginia tech today. the parents of two students killed in the massacre claim
5:35 am
that the school delayed issuing an alert after two shootings inside a campus dorm. 33 people including the gunman died. a motion hearing will be held today after a woman's son died after being keptleft in a hide minivan. he was left in their seven hours while she went to work. the mother is charged with felony murder. >> it is going to be another pivotal week for the republican presidential candidates who faced off in alabama and mississippi as well as hawaii and american samoa. mitt romney hopes he can connect with southern voters. newt gingrich thinks that he can win alabama and mississippi. rick santorum hopes to build on his victory in saturday as the kansas caucuses. maryland and virginia governors had a debate on the main issues yesterday.
5:36 am
>> president obama we have had 24 months in a row of positive job creation under his leadership every month. >> we of loss 864 million jobs since the beginning of his administration. 9% maybe the best barack obama can do, but not as good as americans really need. >> governor mcdonnell supports mitt romney. both governors say the economy will be a big factor in this year's presidential campaign. >> what was your reaction -- what would your reaction be if you learn you're headed for columbus, ohio? this was the scene on georgetown campus sunday afternoon after they learned they are seeded third in the midwest and they will face of belmont in columbus on friday afternoon. north carolina tar heels are the
5:37 am
number-one seed in the region. 5:36, 47 degrees. >> still ahead on this monday, a local high school coach accused of sleeping with a teenager is speaking out after prosecutors dropped charges. >> the third time is the charm. we will tell you about halle berry's big announcement. >> 395 at noaa glebe road in this picture. and
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>> my name is brian. i'm with the capmac truck. after you watch "good morning washington" come down and check out our macaroni and cheese. good morning washington. >> an accident on the b-w parkway northbound inside the beltway if after prince george's hospital 450. victims of a hit-and-run accident. park police and fire trucks on the scene. northbound b-w parkway is closed temporarily with this accident. southbound is open. moving nicely is traffic south of town live as the wilson bridge. a complicated in alexandria couple. the looks good on 395. >> a beautiful big ahead of us. in the 60s today.
5:41 am
70's tomorrow and for the rest of the week into the weekend. next week as well, all slightly. chances of rain. 47 in arlington, 43 la plata. 45 in leesburg, 37 in shepherdstown. on our way to the mid to upper 60's today. about 67. increasing clouds, becoming mostly cloudy. that could lead to light rain late this evening and especially tonight. an isolated and storm possible tomorrow as temperatures climb into the '70s. bright sunshine wednesday and thursday if with highs in the mid to upper 70's. >> thanks. a bomb hollywood, looks like halle berry is making another trip to the altar. a french actor confirmed that he and the actress are engaged. the couple began dating after co-starring in a 2010 movie. this will be her third marriage.
5:42 am
no word on when or where the wedding will take place. >> this is from a person who said she would never get married again. >> i wish her the best of luck. it is 5:41, 47 degrees >> . still ahead, , brief relief from soaring gas prices is over. we will tell you why. >> prosecutors have dropped all charges against a montgomery high school coach accused of having sex with one of his athletes. jummy olabanji in rockville. wthat's coming up. >> and a priest at the central [ lane ] your anti-wrinkle cream is gone. but what about your wrinkles.
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>> coming up at 6:00, the cost of connecting with voters. how much to d.c. mayor vincent gray spends on summit, town halls, and other outreach efforts over the past year.
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>> and a colleague killed in a london do any. hoe the journalism world -- how the journalism world will remember marie colvin. >> and a threat on campus. stay with us for that. japan is marking one year since the devastating earthquake and tsunami. >> the nation paused for a moment of silence at the exact time during qwikster. the quake triggered and tsunami the center wall of water into coastal towns and cities. many of those communities are trying to heal. many thousand people still missing. they earthquake caused a near meltdown at the fukushima power plant which left a small part of the country uninhabitable. >> yesterday marked one year since the bethesda yoga store employee was brutally murdered on the job. jayna murray was found beaten to death inside lululemon store.
5:47 am
her co-worker brittany norwood was convicted for the attack. yesterday the store and held an open house in her memory. the flour arrangements was placed in the front window and pictures of jayna murray were posted inside the store. >> new this morning, authorities are looking for the cause of an overnight fire that damaged a southeast washington home. flames broke out in the 2400 block of -- place. firefighters quickly put out the blaze and there are no reports of injury. d.c. police are still looking for the gunman opened fire inside a note to ihop restaurant. as happened around 6:30 sunday morning on 14th street in columbia heights. the shooting may have stemmed from an argument. the victim is in critical condition at >> . gaithersburg priest at the center of a communion and controversy and is on leave. art diocese of washington suspended father marcel guarnizo for intimidating behavior towards parish members.
5:48 am
he was serving as april killed victor and st. john neumann parrish. in its february he made headlines for denying a lesbian communion and her mother's funeral. of the diocese has already apologized for his actions. >> the former montgomery county high school coach accused of sleeping with a teenager speaks out. >> this comes days after prosecutors dropped the charges against scott spear. jummy olabanji explains. >> prosecutors dropped charges because a loophole in state law. scott spear and his attorney say now that the charges have been dropped they want to move on from this situation. scott spear wants his teaching job back and his coaching job at a high school. >> i really miss my basketball players. when something like this happens, you wonder if you can ever get your life back. >> last month montgomery county police accused him of having sex twice last spring with a 16-
5:49 am
year-old girl that he coached on the richard montgomery high school cross-country team. prosecutors dropped all charges against him on friday. p and his attorney would not comment on specifics of the case, but they did have this to say >> . even if every allegation that was made in the charges could have been proven, no crime was never committed. >> scott spear told us that he's never been inappropriate with any of its athletes are students. >> i am just close with the kids i teach and coach. >> prosecutors say the charges were dropped because of a loophole in state law. in maryland is not illegal for part-time school employee no matter how old to ahave sex with a student 16 years or older. >> the person and would have to been a full-time employee and that was not the case. >> prosecutors are trying to work with the state legislature to close the loophole in
5:50 am
maryland. meanwhile, scott spear says that once the statute of limitations in this case is over, he plans on telling the full side of the story. reporting live in rockville jummy olabanji. >> it is 5:50. airlines are working on making food taste better, but they are battling nature's elements. >> and rising gas prices. allen joins us from new york with details. -- ellen. >> gas prices are creeping higher. the nationwide average is $3.79 a gallon. that is 3 cents item last week. 29 cents higher than a month ago. if you are passenger on a flight that serves food, the question is why is it so bad? there's an interesting article from the new york times talking about high altitude and change in air pressure numbing a third of the taste buds. and affected by the dry
5:51 am
atmosphere in the cabin. carriers including delta are working on ways to improve airline food including hiring celebrity chefs. the menu at taco bell is going more upscale. later this year they're planning to roll out higher-priced menu items least and wide to keep up with chipotle. they are testing that at 45 more stores so far where customers are willing to shell out a little more. reporting for abc 7 news. i hope you have a great day. >> thanks so much. >> adam caskey is with us. a nice forecast. >> the weather is a little better for you to get outside and take advantage of it. it will warm up nicely. 60s today, 70's tomorrow. get used to it. >> i have no problem with that. >> 46 in the district, 45 in
5:52 am
martinsburg -- 35. our average low in the metro area is 35 degrees. we are 10 degrees above that at this time. 34 degrees in frederick. 36 in manassas and baltimore area. why temperatures will climb into the 50's it quickly and then 60 this afternoon. high temperature in the upper 60's with partly cloudy skies. we will start the day with a good amount of sunshine. then overcast. clouds moving overhead by the afternoon, becoming mostly cloudy. an area of low pressure in their levels of our atmosphere of to the northwest. you can see the pinwheel motion in the midsection of the country. some of the energy will move over washington later this evening and tonight. the leading edge of some areas of grain around and after bedtime. a few light showers. that will amount to about a 10th
5:53 am
of an inch on average. isolated spots could see more. tomorrow afternoon we could have a few thunderstorms popping up across parts of our region tomorrow afternoon. 30% chance of seeing that. it's another sign of the springlike weather. pattern taking weather 45 this morning, 59 by lunchtime, 67 at 5:00 p.m., mostly cloudy by the time we reached a high temperature. well into the '70s over the next few days, mid to upper 70's possible the rest of the workweek. nothing but sunshine wednesday and thursday. calexico lisa baden. >> we want to go to newschopper 7 straightaway. and accidents in prince george's county, northbound on the b-w parkway, 450. traffic is getting by to the right. there is minimal delay. these victims of a hit and run accident. that's northbound at 450. we had an accident on 95 but
5:54 am
everything is gone. we are left with northbound volume growing in woodbrige, looks good through lorton. not bad in this live picture in springfield, virginia. no amount of the headlights in this picture. back to you. >> 6:00 minutes before 6:00 a.m. temperatures are cleaning up as we get near 50 degrees. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] offering four distinct driving modes and lexus' dynamic handling the next generation of lexus will not be contained. the all-new 2013 lexus
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gs. there's no going back. ♪ ♪
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>> here are stories trending on a park ranger who blew the whistle on redskins owner dan snyder now writing a book. and metro new about problems with the brakes on trains for years. and some cross dressing fads for men. the nation's oldest aircraft carrier on its final voyage now. >> the uss enterprise the glove and the west virginia yesterday for seven-month deployment in the middle east. the suit will return to virginia if in the fall and will be deactivated in december. the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was featured in the movie top gun and it played a prominent role in the cuban missile crisis and several wars. there's more to come in the next hour. >> at 6:00, a look back at the weekend box office battle. could john carter live up to a height? >> hit-and-run crash along the baltimore-washington parkway.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> straight ahead of 6:00 on this monday morning, a shooting spree threat at a local college campus. how authorities broke up a potential plot. >> concerns this morning after a u.s. soldier allegedly went on a shooting spree in afghanistan. >> and the push for


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